Upcoming workshops

ELEMENTAL massage workshop

Friday 26 November 2021

The elements are connected to nature and are part of life. In this Elemental massage workshop, the elements are woven into the massage. From flowing water energy, to intense fire energy, steady and slow movements like the earth energy and final gentle and soft wind energy.

This workshop will be given together with Yasmin Fris. In this session we will focus on subtlety and intuition. We will go on a journey to tune in where you can generate the inspiration and curiosity to discover the different surfaces and energies of your partner and yourself. We will guide you with thoughts, symbols and here and there a more concrete action.

The clothes stay on in this massage and singles as well as couples are welcome to join. Beforehand it will be clear if there are any body parts that you don’t want to be touched.

What to bring: A big towel to lay on and a bottle of water

Time: 19:30-22:00 ( Walk-in 19:00-19:30)
Location: Hof van noord, Gordelweg 131, Rotterdam
Investment: €30,00

Get in to the action massage Workshop

Saturday 4 December 2021

This workshop will take place in my home salon. I will only have space for 4 participants, so apply fast since there are not so many spots left!

This workshop is meant for beginners/intermediates.

The workshop will last in total, more or less 6 hours. This includes a 1-hour break. During the 5 hour workshop, I have prepared some techniques that I find interesting and fun to share. The techniques have high effectiveness for both relaxation and rehabilitation because they address different structures in our system. And that’s the interesting thing about massage, depending on the need you can influence different structures! Upon entering you will receive a bottle of massage oil that you can immediately use during the 2nd part of the workshop. By the way, we will have the opportunity to catch up and relax during the break with a nice vegetarian lunch that I will prepare.

Day Schedule

9:15        Welcome, introduction

10:00    1st part workshop. A part without oil. Focus on legs, lower back, upper back, shoulders, neck and head. Techniques: Traction, compression, kneading and articular movement. This part of the workshop will focus on techniques that you can do on someone without any required materials and by choice, the clothes can stay on. The recipient just needs to lay down and you can start.

12:30      Break

13:30     2nd part workshop. Part with oil. Focus on the backside of the torso. Techniques: setting the height working place, working with towels, warming up connective tissue, strokes with oil. In this part of the day we will dive into that warm-bath-feeling massage we all have to think about when we go for a massage. In the process, I will teach you some patterns that will form a foundation for more improvised and intuitive strokes. Ultimately, the idea is that the back becomes your playing field and you can be creative with your hands.

16:00     Closure

In short, when you leave you will have a hand full of techniques that you can use for spontaneous and planned moments to support and pamper someone!

All this for €130,-.