About Ruben

Ruben started on a young age to enjoy dance. It felt like it was ment to be for him because everything formed it self around him when it came to that. He got support from his mom, his first ballet teacher, his friends. From the moment he got in to the dance academy ‘ Fontys Hogenschool v/d Kunsten ‘, it al speeded up. He ended up doing his internship and first years of professional life at Scapino ballet Rotterdam and freelancing around for some years after that.

The touch with the body was always a familiarity for him. Being a dancer you are  anyway confronted how to deal with your body. Since Ruben came from the style of hiphop and some breakdancing, doing ballet and contemporary dance wasn’t the easiest switch to make. It came with many injuries and discomfort. While not being the only one feeling like this, class mates would often help each other out to try to not stand in the morning class with an aching body. During this period Ruben started noticing a natural understanding of skin, muscle, bone and touch.

Every dancer has to say goodbye on a moment of dancing is some way. If it is not a clear cut then it is a diminish of the intensity. That is what happend too Ruben since the summer of 2017. The life of a dancer was still very interesting and appealing, but there was a noticeable shift happening. What it was,  only manifested it self in the summer of 2019. He decided to follow a massage course at Jivan’s Massage Rotterdam. After a summer of studying with Rajiv Bhagwanbali, owner of Jivan’s Massage, he joined the saloon. This only triggered him to look more in to depth in to different therapies and studies he did and will do. In the meanwhile he is still active as a massage therapist at Jivan’s massage and his own saloon RGA – therapy.

My Skills

Swedish Massage
Foot Reflexologie
Thai Massage
Sport Masseur
Massage Therapy
Ilan Lev

Healing through attention

The Idea that you can take your own power into your hands is something that lately is resonating more and more to me. That is also the reason why I feel how this sentence fits my way of perceiving the work I do.

I think I wish I could be the mystical person who could heal you from touching you a couple of times. Or better yet, from just gazing at you. But unfortunately, this is not the case. And as a matter of fact, I believe nobody really is. Even if somebody would be able to heal you in this manner, I think it is still up to you to decide you want to do something about your state. Therefore I believe the start of this movement lays with you. You make the choice to act and seek support. This movement creates opportunities and little moments and platforms in time and space. this is where I could come in place and offer you treatment! But initially, you are the creator of that platform and allow yourself that attention your body and soul want. This, I believe, goes for everything. You think, move,  project … You create.

The more attention you give something, the more it will grow. Therefore attention and presence with yourself and others is key to life. This is the way I like to step into my massages.

Universe massage table

The table I am using is a universe table. Made and produced by Dirk Vieren. I am super happy with this one since I was looking for a good while for a table. This table has everything you need including a hole for pregnant women.

The price and quality balance are very very good and so I would totally recommend anybody that is interested in buying a table to buy it from him. Especially professionals but also amateurs. Underneath you will find a link directly to the page where you can find the exact table I have. But I would recommend having a look at the website 🙂

For more information about the different table’s and prices go to: https://www.heartfulness.be/